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Terlemezian's biography

Panos Terlemezian


Panos Terlemezian, one of the greatest Armenian artists, landscape painter and a master of drawing, was born in Van-Aigestan (Western Armenia) in 1865 and died in 1941.
At an early age he began to take an interest in drawing and in his boyhood hiked around his native country making sketches, drawings, and paintings. Some of them are dated 1887, when he was only 12 years old. His patriotism and firm belief in freedom and independence for his beloved country brought many a suffering for him. P. Terlemezian had been imprisoned for his ideas several times.
Despite the hardships, he continued to study and work hard and at the same. He kept making sketches, painting and taking long tours in France, Germany, Italy, Eastern and Western Armenia, (contemporary Turkey) and Russia.
In 1885 he is in Petersburg.
In 1897 he is in Estonia.
From 1889 to 1904 he was at the Academy of Arts in Paris. There he exhibited his oil paintings and watercolors, winning the first prize. Upon completion of his education in Paris he returned to his native country.
In 1905, after traveling throughout Armenia, he visited Italy, Constantinople, France, Greece, creating beautiful paintings, portraits of famous people and landscapes. P. Terlemezian was not only a hard working artist, but also great patriot and a strong-willed man. He was devoted to his country and never lost his interest in its fate. His visits to Van were frequent. In Kutina he painted the well-known portrait of Komitas, and landscape painting entitled “Mountain Sipan from Ktuts island”.
Between 1915 and 1917 he was the chairman of the Armenian Artists’ Association in Tiflis. In 1919 P. Terlemezian returned to Constantinople, and in 1920-1922 once again making extended tours of France, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Armenia, tirelessly painting: genre paintings, portraits, landscapes and marine scenery.
In his works one can see the character of a strong-willed man, such as himself, his genuine love for his native country, and nature. During his lifetime he presented all his works to Armenia. From 1926 till his death in 1941 he resided in Armenia. P. Terlemezian died in Yerevan and was buried in Komitas Pantheon.
His paintings, drawings, letters, sketches became property of his beloved nation, to which he remained devoted all his life.