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Republic of Armenia

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This art college is one of the oldest and yet the youngest art college in Armenia. Armenia is an ancient country with long history of art traditions. Panos Terlemezian College, founded in 1922, preserves and continues those traditions. Here the students can get excellent education under the leadership of skilled and well-known artists. No wonder that every student here feels the presence of strong leadership capable of helping in artistic formation, while giving a thorough education. Here they study the mysteries of Art.
Artists and sculptors such as Ara Sargsian, Hakob Kojoian, Gevorg Bashinjaghian, Panos Terlemezian, Gabriel Gyurjian, Martiros Sarian are famous not only in their homeland, Armenia, but throughout the world. Those renowned artists had made their start in this very college, formerly called Art College. Although a few of the artists were educated in Europe, but after graduating they came back to Armenia in order to serve their own people. They were vigorous, daring, patriotic persons, in other words – pillars. We are proud not only of these luminaries, but also of former teachers and graduates. Among them are prominent artists Grigor Khandzian, Minas Avetisian, Eduard Isabekian, Rudolf Khachatrian, Arto Chackmackchian and many others.

Currently there are over 400 students in Fine Arts Departments. Future painters (artists), designers, sculptors and potters study here. The duration of program required to earn a degree is four years and nine months. The faculty does its best to promote young talented students via exhibitions of their works in Armenia and abroad. The Art College also organizes many exhibitions held outside the school. A considerable number of College graduates – full of creative energy and enthusiasm, gain high regards as contemporary artists, devoting themselves to their native country’s art and cultivation of the younger generation.